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Ultimate Tools to Automate Traffic Generation on Your Website
16 July 2019

Ultimate Tools to Automate Traffic Generation on Your Website



Traffic is the lifeblood for a website. A website without traffic is assumed as a dead website. If your website content is not visible to anyone, it’s of no use. But, getting traffic to a website is not a piece of cake for everyone, many marketers are still struggling with it.

If you too are facing problems in driving traffic to your website, here are some ultimate tools that will help you generate traffic to your website.



Reddit is an online community where you can post anything, drop comments, share your views and upvote things you like. When used properly, Reddit sends lot of visitors to websites and it converts well when monetized with Affiliate Marketing, Product Sales, Google AdSense etc.

All you need to do is create a profile and subscribe to subreddits as per your niche among; Entertainment, Music, SEO, Entrepreneur, Gaming, Health, etc. Read the rules and regulations. Then post articles targeting simple keywords and submit on reddit with your website link. It will drive lots of traffic to your website.



Medium is a great way to get traffic to your website. It’s a publishing hub where many writers and readers transfer their knowledge and views to each other. You can attract more eyeballs to your content via posting on Medium.

You need to start with creating an account by connecting to Facebook, Google or Twitter. Then, you can follow other authorized accounts similar to your niche. To publish your article, you can either create a new story or import an article from your blog by pasting the URL in the given field, if you already have it on your website. You must upload the content with appropriate quality images. Make sure the article carries a link back to your own website.



To get good results, it is suggested for you to get help from the right SEO Tool. And SEMrush is the best SEO Tool for sure. It will help you to grow your website traffic and sales. SEMrush performs the following services for you.

  • Regular audit and fix issues on your website.
  • Find great keywords that will help driving more traffic.
  • Analyze competitors who are already doing well under your niche.
  • Give you relevant ideas to boost your ranking on Google.
  • Give you a list of pages of your website that you can optimize to get more traffic.


There are millions of ways to drive traffic to your website. But only a few actually produce desired results. These three tools will drive successful results and drive lots of traffic to your website. All you need is to create high quality content and share them with the help of these tools.



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