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How to Drive Quality Traffic Without SEO and Building Links
16 July 2019

How to Drive Quality Traffic Without SEO and Building Links?


Without any doubt, SEO is one of the best traffic generation techniques but building links is a very hard and time-consuming task. And, there are more techniques that can also help you in generating traffic to your website.


User Satisfaction

Improving user satisfaction on your site will surely help you rank higher in Google. It is a well know act that Google’s Panda algorithm penalizes the site with low quality content. The quality of content can be measured by Google as the user clicked on the content and did not return. So, the quality should be very good and easy to understand.


Site Speed Management

It is confirmed by Google that site speed is one of the important ranking factors. The speed at which your site loads can leave a great impact on the visitors. If you are able to improve the speed of your site, you make your users more satisfied. 


Sharing on Google+

Research by Google confirms that content shared on Google+ is seen by the network more than that of content shared on Facebook and Twitter. To get more traffic you must share good quality content on Google+ as it always appears on top of Google results.



Fresh Content

Websites that never update their content, lose their rank in the search results. The updates can be in the form of last date updated, changes in existing content, adding new content, new pages on website etc.


Online Ads

Online Ads can generate traffic instantly. But through online ads you must make profit otherwise the traffic you are getting will be of no use. Before creating ads, you must take care of two things - one is the target audience for ads and second is the design of ads.


Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is also one of the best tools for generating quality traffic to your website. Big marketers concentrate on guest blogging to boost traffic on their sites. Before planning any guest post, you should search websites that suits your niche and accept your guest posts.

You should also read and understand their guest post guidelines. You can search these websites by different search strings like ‘guest post, write for us, contributing writer, contribution to our site, suggest a post, guest posts wanted, writers wanted etc’.


Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting can also be used as a way of attracting traffic to your website. To start blog commenting, first of all you must look for sites that are having blogs similar to niche. For this, you can use Buzzsumo or SEMrush. SEMrush will show you your competitors when you enter your website URL in the search bar.

After you get websites, you can simply post your links in the comment section of their blogs. Visitors of that site will see your comment and if interested, they will visit your site by following the link.


I hope this article has alerted you about various ways to generate traffic other than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can either use them one by one or can also use them together. Try these techniques and you can easily attract more visitors without leaving it to SEO.


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